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22 Oct

Largest artificial whirlwind.(photos)

WOW! 144 air jets, 7 minutes, 28 tons of air, height: 34.4 meters.

artificial whirlwind

19 Oct

The Kiss memorial (4 photos)

the kiss memorial
alces moose
elk photos

17 Oct

:::HOT NEWS::: Hacker led the police to attack the house with the elderly.


The Police fire on the special hacker took stormed houses an elderly couple in California, the Associated Press agency reports with reference to the local authorities.

The reason for the large-scale police operation, which involved helicopters and service dogs, served as a phone call on the domestic network of the State Police.

Informant reported that the address of the alleged murder occurred several people.

Later, it turned out that the callers were 19-year-old computer “attacker” of Washington, chosen address and the names of their victims at random on the telephone handbook.

Currently attacker arrested and is awaiting trial.

17 Oct

The Little Ones! [18 photos]

Edge for the morning. These are loveable! Perhaps someone of these kids will grow by an artist or pilot aircraft. As a child I dreamed to become a seaman, and became a PR and admin of this blog =))).



the little ones


17 Oct

The photos from the life of American homeless persons.

homeless </p>  <p>persons
homeless </p>  <p>persons
homeless </p>  <p>persons
homeless </p>  <p>persons (more…)

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