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09 Nov

I ask you for the last time…

I’m under the chair )))

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01 Nov

Is that Friendship? or Love? or Both?

funny pic

30 Oct

Soviet Propaganda Against USA (posters)

In Soviet Russia there were a lot of propaganda posters against USA.

Here is a little collection of such Soviet art.

soviet propaganda posters
This is a Black Sea and Uncle Sam is looking thru spyglass on USSR with a sign “Provocation” on it, standing on US ships. Uncle Sam was widely used to represent USA.
soviet propaganda posters
Here is Uncle Sam in he ring of nuclear bomb switches and from the loudspeaker it is said that “Soviet Union offers to stop nuclear weapon tests”.
soviet propaganda posters
The ladder has “NATO” sign.
soviet propaganda posters
There is written “A Road To Peace” on the white strip.
soviet propaganda posters
And on the Pentagon building there is written “Pentagon”
soviet propaganda posters
Can’t figure out exact sense from this one, but on the bottom there is written “Our children shouldn’t be the last generation on the EARTH”. USA is somehow might be guilty if it happens.
soviet propaganda posters
“What a Dangerous Madness”
soviet propaganda posters
“Same years but different weathers”, red bar on the thermometer is “Soviet Industry rate”, black one is “American Industry rate”, small text tells us that there has began an econom crisis and dislocation in USA.
soviet propaganda posters
Hard to understand the text, but there is something written about Uncle Sam and UN.
soviet propaganda posters
In USSR there are many many new schools, in USA – schools are being closed all the time.
soviet propaganda posters
This is how USA and allies milking blood and oil from Middle East. The continent is Middle East, and there is written “Here again blood and oil is being poured”.
soviet propaganda posters
“Victory of Vietnam is a Victory of Solidarity”

29 Oct

Emo kids, emo parents, and now emo pastors. Let’s all looooove Britney Spears. (HUUUUGGGGSS)

LEXINGTON, Kentucky — The congregation of Southland Christian Church is being asked to send letters of love and support to troubled pop star Britney Spears, described by the pastor as having made “devastating life choices.”
britney spears

“Take a few minutes and write a note to Britney Spears,” pastor John Weece said in a sermon and in a blog on the church Web site. “No preaching. No criticizing. Just love. As a church, let’s love Britney the way Jesus loves her.”

Weece said the idea came as he watched repeated reports of Spears’ reported problems with drugs and alcohol and the loss of custody of her children.

“If she were your next-door neighbor in the same situation without the money and success, wouldn’t you care about her problems? Wouldn’t you pray for her and offer her support and encouragement?” he asked members of the church.

Cindy Willison, the church’s director of communications, was still collecting the letters on Friday and looking for the best way to get them directly to Spears.

“This is an opportunity for us to reach out to someone who probably doesn’t have a lot of people in her life that care for her as a person,” Willison said.

26 Oct

Sculptures made from cans (photos)

World exhibition of sculptures made from cans. Cool ))

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