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16 Mar

World’s Fattest Woman in the Future

Super-sized Donna Simpson already weighs in at 43st but is aiming to double her size to become the world’s undisputed fattest woman.

Ms Simpson loves nothing more than showing off her body in front of the cameras.

But what makes Donna different from other online pin up girls, Donna is a 43-stone mother of two.

Donna, who wears XXXXXXXL clothing is thought to be the world’s fattest woman.

She is already in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest woman in the world to give birth.

Donna’s goal is to reach 72 stone but she thinks this may not be practical.

12 Mar

Irina Antonenko from Yekaterinburg crowned Miss Russia

Irina Antonenko from the Urals city of Yekaterinburg was crowned Miss Russia 2010.

Along with the title and the crown, Antonenko received a cash prize of $100,000.

The title of first vice-miss went to Irina Sharipova, representing Russia’s Volga Republic of Tatarstan. Olga Kononenko of another Urals city, Chelyabinsk, was named second vice-miss.

Miss World 2008 Kseniya Sukhinova, Miss Russia 2009 Sofya Rudneva and Miss World 2009 Stefania Fernandez attended the pageant as honored guests.

29 Jul

Michael Schumacher should replace Felipe Massa at Ferrari

The former world champion Niki Lauda called for Michael Schumacher to make an unexpected return to Formula One racing as a replacement for the injured Ferrari driver Felipe Massa.

Schumacher, the seven-times world champion, retired in 2006, but Lauda said he is the best candidate to take Massa’s seat after the Brazilian suffered a freak accident in qualifying for the Hungarian grand prix.

Who is available? There is nobody available anywhere near Michael’s performance,” said Lauda before today’s race at the Hungaroring.

Ferrari are almost certain to need a replacement for Massa after the 28-year-old suffered a serious head injury when struck on the head by debris yesterday. Massa was in a stable condition after emergency surgery to multiple skull fractures, but will be kept under sedation for the next 48 hours.

Lauda, who in 1976 returned to racing after a near-fatal crash, believes it will be two to three months before Massa can consider racing again.

He needs to take a decision, and for the whole business of Formula One, he [Schumacher] would improve it by 20 to 30 per cent interest,” added the Austrian. “But this is a question nobody can answer because nobody knows what Schumacher is doing.

Lauda, who won two world titles with Ferrari, questioned whether the Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo had any more favourable options.

Who else is he going to ring? The test drivers are useless, and there is nobody else here if you think about it,” said the 60-year-old. “But this is a principal decision of him [Schumacher], for him to consider this. If he doesn’t want to, the idea is finished in the same second.

Schumacher’s manager Willi Weber told Germany’s SID news agency that he doubted the champion would consider coming back. “I don’t see it,” he said. “Ferrari have two good test drivers who are keen to sit in the car if it is available.

The 38-year-old Italian Luca Badoer, who failed to score a point in 49 races for Scuderia Italia, Minardi and Forti between 1993 and 1999, and 35-year-old Spaniard Marc Gené are Ferrari’s official reserve drivers.


  1. Jenson Button 70
  2. Mark Webber 51.5
  3. Sebastian Vettel 47
  4. Rubens Barrichello 44
  5. Nico Rosberg 25.5
  6. Jarno Trulli 22.5
  7. Felipe Massa 22
  8. Lewis Hamilton 19
  9. Kimi Räikkönen 18
  10. Timo Glock 16
28 Jul

Russian People Who Changed the USA

  • Sergey Brin – Google

Sergey Brin, who was born August 21, 1973, in Moscow, became a co-founder of Google, Inc., the world’s largest Internet company, providing users with a technology of search and a number of other important features in on-line world. In 2009 he was ranked as the 26th richest person in the world by Forbes. He immigrated to the United States in his childhood, when he was just 6, and when Sergey grew up, he began to study mathematics, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. First, Brin got a diploma of the University of Maryland, and then he became Ph.D in computer science at Stanford.

Right there he made friends with Larry Page, who became his soul- brother and main companion in developments. Together they created the strongest search engine ever on the basis of Brin’s data mining system. Soon afterwards in a local garage they founded Google, which motto is universally accessible and useful. If you don’t believe this information, then google it:)

  • Igor Sikorsky – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Igor Sikorsky (25 May, 1889 – 26 October, 1972) is a Russian-American pioneer of aviation, who actually designed and the world’s first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft. Without this man world probably would not get helicopter so soon, he is always called as first helicopter inventor.

In 1925 he founded Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which is one the main helicopter manufacturers.

  • Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita

Vladimir Nabokov (22 April, 1899 – 2 July, 1977) was the great Russian novelist. He emigrated from Russia to England (1919), then to Germany (1922), and then to the USA (1940), where he settled down in Manhattan. He never wrote in Russian after he came to the USA, though translated his works in English into Russian.

Nabokov’s Lolita (1955) is considered to be one of the most prominent novels in literature. How much influence this word caused on the human minds we all can only guess now. He also was interested in entomology and chess problems.

  • Vladimir Zworykin – Television

Vladimir Zworykin(July 30, 1889 – July 29, 1982) is a Russian-American pioneer of television technology. That is he who created the father of modern TV-sets and TV network. Zworykin decided to emigrate from Russia during the Civil War, and so left for the USA in 1918. Soon, though, he came back and supported the White movement in Siberia, but with the death of Aleksandr Kolchak, who headed it in the region, Zworykin decided to move to the US for good. He played a very important role in the development of television from the early thirties.

  • Milla Jovovich – The Fifth Element

Milla Jovovich (December 17, 1975) an Ukrainian-born American model, actress, musician, and fashion designer. In 1981 she was at the age of five, her family left the Soviet Union for London as political refugees, and over some time they ended up in Los Angeles, California. She became a model at eleven and since that time has worked for Revlon, L’Oréal, Banana Republic, Christian Dior, Donna Karan and Versace. She also became a television and movie star and appeared in Return to the Blue Lagoon, The Fifth Element, and Resident Evil with its sequels.

  • Voronov brothers – Warner Brothers Entertainment

Wonsal (Voronov) brothers, who emigrated from the Russian Empire (from the part that is now Poland), founded American film company Warner Brothers Entertainment, which is now one of the largest producers of films all over the world, based in California.

Three elder brothers started working in the industry yet in 1903, and showed films to miners in Pennsylvania and Ohio. That year they also founded their first cinema Cascade. In 1904 the brothers set up Duquesne Amusement & Supply Company, which was a forerunner of Warner Bros.