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08 Jul

12 iPod Touch HDTV

The smart guys of Mongoose Studio have come up with something really innovative and impressive which most of the people have only imagined but perhaps would not be able to turn into reality.

They did something that even though looks simple, is not actually that simple. It took them 13 iPod Touch and a few technical efforts and the result is that we can see a big screen made of 12 iPod Touch lying together and displaying a movie on it. Unbelievable but true that the Mongoose Studio created a big screen by keeping 12 iPods lying and looking like a big screen where they have showcased a Walt Disney movie to the much wonder of the spectators.

Creating a big screen by keeping together a bunch of small screen can be said to be there in the nature of man. Would you not like to put all screen together in a way that it looks giant. But alas! You can only imagine the screens together as a giant screen but to an extent it is futile as making it work like a big screen is not that easy. That is what the project of the Mongoose Studio who put their best efforts to create a screen out of 12 iPod Touch possessing a screen size of 3.5 inch each.

You can check out the video release of their efforts of creating a big screen tout of the 12 iPods and that definitely is praise-worthy. That only proves the hard work and efforts put behind this project. To run and control the video and functions of the 12 iPods creating the screen, they have used another iPod Touch that delivers the commands.

If seen as a whole then they have done a magical work and the efforts are unmatchable. But still if the work is being observed closely and its good and bad things are being noticed then yes, there are blunders as well. There is no doubt about the synchronization and in fact, they have been able to raise quite many eye brows but still the work lacks perfection. They too even had something better than this in their mind which perhaps could not turn out to be the exact thing.

But all said and done, it must be admitted that the people who did it behind the name Mongoose Studio are genius and whether they split the files in the devices or it was something else, that still is a wonder.

18 Dec

Now ‘Sense’ what you see on display

Envisioning a future where you could smell, touch and taste anything before buying or playing with it, CD&I Associates is set to evolve your net surfing and shopping habits or trends, allowing technology to build new interactive media which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Designed as a part of “La Fin Du Design” Exhibition, the “Sense” is wireless device that allows consumers to have a closer approach with their favorite web sites, movies and games, creating a strong sensitive and more emotional connection between users and experiences.

Presenting a tactic sensitive screen to create a tactile experience of the physical, thermal and haptical properties of the products, the device also integrates a smell magnification system that allows the consumer to sense the product or area pointed in his or her computer screen. The sensitive gadget has a smell and flavor-ink micro-printer, made out with 13 basic combinations of wax cartridges, that print and melt simulated flavors to offer a complete interactive experience (combined with computers) to the users.

The five cartridges of fundamental flavors, including sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty, are combined with seven wax cartridges with the basic smells that exist in nature and which practically allow recreating any possible existing combination, classified in floral, mint, ethereal, camphor, musk, spicy and putrid smell. The mix of 13 cartridges allows the user to perceive the things visible on the screen, as the Sense prints little translucent sheets which dissolve in the roof of the mouth. In this way the small degustation sheets of the selected products are combined with the smells that the micro emanators expel, so the user could get them at the moment they are selected on the screen.

The Sense also features a touchscreen display which provides ease and agility in the information by recreating the tactile experiences of the selected products. All the user need to do is insert his or her hand in the Sense sheath and feel different impressions such as temperature, roughness, softness, hardness or pressure, thanks to the nanotechnology. The different nerve receptors in the hand translate the different types of stimulations into information which can be interpreted by the brain. In addition, the device can be programmed with voice and read Braille text for the visually impaired. Moreover, new Sense apps can be downloaded from internet to enhance the sensory experience of the customers.

16 Dec

Utterly Unconventional Lamps & Lighting Designs

lights main montage

Gone are the days when lighting was a background feature designed to showcase the rest of your home. Now, thanks to material and technological advances such as new forms of affordable, versatile LED lighting, the way you light your home has become just as important as what’s being illuminated. These 20 wildly unconventional examples would hog the limelight in any home.


The natural world is clearly the inspiration for the Arbre branch-like lighting system and the Akiko pendant light. You build the Arbre yourself, fitting its sections together until it’s winding up your wall or across your ceiling in exactly the way you want it to – while the metal and glass Akiko should probably be housed somewhere just out of reach, in case someone’s feeling peckish and tries their luck.


We are generally heavy-handed when it comes to outdoor lighting, hence the problem of light pollution. This gorgeous alternative is the work of Bruce Munro, and is formed of acrylic tubes containing optical fibers – fields and fields of them. The design is currently being showcased at the Eden Project in England, but as soon as it’s an affordable option in the marketplace, expect to see these glowing softly in every garden.


Maybe there’s such a thing as imitating Nature a little too much. The paper and textile Cocoon lampshade from Julie Roberts looks for all the world like it is the remnants of something that scuttles on rather too many legs. If you’re comfortable with feeling like something could leap out from behind the sofa at any moment, it’s a gorgeous centrepiece to any room. Rock Salt lamps will also look strangely familiar to movie buffs, or those familiar with Temples of Doom.


The inspiration for the Cumulus lighting system is obviously the kind of summery day where you lay on your back, watching feathery clouds scud across the sky. Steven Haulenbeek’s method of cloudmaking is to string clusters of white umbrellas together, backlighting them and hanging them upside-down – and as you can see, it works beautifully.


Man’s best friend? That’s the idea behind the Lightmate heated and illuminated body pillow, designed to be hugged and wrapped around the wearer / user. It certainly is a striking design – Trendhunter compared it to a length of intestine – and there’s no denying its practicality, but perhaps something that looks a little less…biological? On aesthetically safer ground is Nicolas Gonzalez Garrido’s Guide Dog Lamp, which lights up when you whistle for it.


This glowing sea of plastic ribs is called the Mobile Lights system. Each LED-studded unit contains solar cells that soak up the sun’s energy during the day and emit it during the evening, hung from the ceiling with tough nylon fishing line. No external power source needed – and the reflection in your windows should look fabulous.

22 Oct

Largest artificial whirlwind.(photos)

WOW! 144 air jets, 7 minutes, 28 tons of air, height: 34.4 meters.

artificial whirlwind