Miss Normandy, Malika Menard, 22, was elected Saturday night in Nice Miss France 2010 before Miss Rhône-Alpes who has been designated “first runner.”

Malika Menard, who lives in Caen, where she studied law, became the 63rd winner of this ceremony, broadcast live on TF1.

She was chosen by a public vote from among five finalists: Miss Rhone-Alpes, Miss Bretagne, who became second runner, Miss Provence, third runner, and Miss Quercy-Rouergue, fourth runner.

For the first time this year, Miss France has been chosen by a vote conducted entirely by the public among five finalists who have themselves been designated in a mixed voting shared 50/50 between the public and the jury chaired by the actress and singer Arielle Dombasle.

The new Miss, elected before four thousand people gathered at Nikaia Palais, would give, after her election, a press conference along with Genevieve de Fontenay president of Miss France Committee.