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23 Dec

Prevent Osteoporosis

Bone health is one of the most neglected health conditions of a person. While many are familiar with osteoporosis and scoliosis to mostly affect women by four times, these conditions can also affect men. We will discuss osteoporosis in depth to learn more about it and know how to prevent the said disease.

Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones literally become porous. The bones density decreases and becomes fragile making it easy to break. This health condition can affect any type of bones however fractures in the spine and the hip are always being focused about as its results can be damaging that may lead to deformities of the body.

As an example, a hip fracture will require hospitalization in most cases and may also see the need for a surgery. In relation, spinal or vertebral fractures also have serious consequences, including loss of height, severe back pain, and even in some cases deformities.

Since at the moment, there is still no cure available for the said bone problem, the best option that one can have is to prevent osteoporosis. Here are some of the tips that are helpful in the prevention of osteoporosis.

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Eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly. Physical activity has been proven to lessen the possibility of osteoporosis. Engaging in exercise would be one good and healthy example of physical activity. Moreover, eating a well balanced diet gives us the recommended amounts of vitamin D and calcium that we need to strengthen the bones.

If you are undergoing steroid medication, discuss with your doctor how it can affect your bone health. Steroid medication can increase your risk of having osteoporosis.

If you are concerned about your bone health and may be at a high risk of having osteoporosis like you had a bone fracture previously, on the post-menopausal stage or may have low estrogen level, it is recommended that you take a bone mineral density (BMD) test. Talk with your doctor or nurse about the risks and benefits of medicines for bone loss.

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There is an increased awareness about osteoporosis these days compared to the previous years. With the vast information available to us on how we can prevent the said bone problem, now is the time to think about our bone health and live healthily.

18 Dec

Now ‘Sense’ what you see on display

Envisioning a future where you could smell, touch and taste anything before buying or playing with it, CD&I Associates is set to evolve your net surfing and shopping habits or trends, allowing technology to build new interactive media which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Designed as a part of “La Fin Du Design” Exhibition, the “Sense” is wireless device that allows consumers to have a closer approach with their favorite web sites, movies and games, creating a strong sensitive and more emotional connection between users and experiences.

Presenting a tactic sensitive screen to create a tactile experience of the physical, thermal and haptical properties of the products, the device also integrates a smell magnification system that allows the consumer to sense the product or area pointed in his or her computer screen. The sensitive gadget has a smell and flavor-ink micro-printer, made out with 13 basic combinations of wax cartridges, that print and melt simulated flavors to offer a complete interactive experience (combined with computers) to the users.

The five cartridges of fundamental flavors, including sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty, are combined with seven wax cartridges with the basic smells that exist in nature and which practically allow recreating any possible existing combination, classified in floral, mint, ethereal, camphor, musk, spicy and putrid smell. The mix of 13 cartridges allows the user to perceive the things visible on the screen, as the Sense prints little translucent sheets which dissolve in the roof of the mouth. In this way the small degustation sheets of the selected products are combined with the smells that the micro emanators expel, so the user could get them at the moment they are selected on the screen.

The Sense also features a touchscreen display which provides ease and agility in the information by recreating the tactile experiences of the selected products. All the user need to do is insert his or her hand in the Sense sheath and feel different impressions such as temperature, roughness, softness, hardness or pressure, thanks to the nanotechnology. The different nerve receptors in the hand translate the different types of stimulations into information which can be interpreted by the brain. In addition, the device can be programmed with voice and read Braille text for the visually impaired. Moreover, new Sense apps can be downloaded from internet to enhance the sensory experience of the customers.

14 Dec

The Secret Life of Your Keyboard

08 Dec

Miss France 2010

Miss Normandy, Malika Menard, 22, was elected Saturday night in Nice Miss France 2010 before Miss Rhône-Alpes who has been designated “first runner.”

Malika Menard, who lives in Caen, where she studied law, became the 63rd winner of this ceremony, broadcast live on TF1.

She was chosen by a public vote from among five finalists: Miss Rhone-Alpes, Miss Bretagne, who became second runner, Miss Provence, third runner, and Miss Quercy-Rouergue, fourth runner.

For the first time this year, Miss France has been chosen by a vote conducted entirely by the public among five finalists who have themselves been designated in a mixed voting shared 50/50 between the public and the jury chaired by the actress and singer Arielle Dombasle.

The new Miss, elected before four thousand people gathered at Nikaia Palais, would give, after her election, a press conference along with Genevieve de Fontenay president of Miss France Committee.

04 Dec

Humidification And Cpap – Is It Useful

Everyone realizes that as the heat is turned up in the house to keep warm, the natural moisture in the air is decreased. This, in turn, reduces the amount of moisture flowing through your CPAP machine. With the flow from a CPAP machine already an irritant for one reason or another, the issue of a lower moisture level just aggravates the situation. This lack of moisture causes nasal passages to dry and may induce bleeding, swelling, sneezing and congestion. This lack of moisture creates a fertile ground for infections. Therefore, humidification is a critical part of CPAP therapy and the only way to reduce the dry irritation. In fact, humidification, especially heated, increased patients satisfaction, comfort and, therefore, compliance.

Cold Passover Humidification

There are two categories of humidification – warm and cold. Cold or “passover” humidification was the first type of humidification therapy for CPAP. Cold pass over is a water chamber that allows air from the CPAP to “pass over” the water before entering the CPAP tube thereby creating humidified air. Although this old style set up is effective for CPAP users with low pressure settings and a warm climate, it is not optimal. One problem is that the amount of moisture is static which might be too little or too much depending on the circumstances. Additionally, as the water temperature in the pass over falls, it could become too cold to tolerate throughout a sleep cycle. Given the difficulties with pass over humidification, CPAP patients have gravitated to the new and more advanced heated, integrated CPAP systems.

Heated Humidification

Heated humidification has become the most popular type of humidification for CPAP patients. Based on several industry studies, satisfaction, comfort and compliance jump measurably with the use of heated humidification. To meet the needs of CPAP patients, the major manufacturer’s including Resmed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel have all introduced integrated heated humidification to their CPAP systems. The integrated heated CPAP systems have become popular because of their convenience, size and satisfaction with the results. In fact, the use of heated humidification tends to reduce or eliminate most of the disadvantages of CPAP use including dry mouth and throat and nasal congestion. The resulting outcome is a more effective treatment and a refreshed feeling on awakening. Although the disadvantages of heated humidification include “rain out” or water in the tube and mask, it generally can be overcome by properly calibrating the machine and the room temperature to avoid this situation.

Integrated CPAP Machines

Resmed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel have advanced the integrated humidified CPAP system with each one having positives and negatives associated with their machines. Resmed’s S8 series new H4i “delivers 30% more humidity than its previous model. It is easily integrated into the CPAP and still remains compact for traveling”. Fisher & Paykel’s Sleepstyle uses patented “Ambient Tracking Plus technology which utilizes an auto-adjusting heater plate to maximizes humidity delivered by compensating for changes in room temperature, and during mouth and mask leak. The level of humidity delivered is dependent on room temperature”. Respironics’ newest machine the PR One system “analyzes ambient temperature, changing environmental conditions, relative humidity, and therapy flow to deliver optimum humidity – and ultimate comfort – throughout the night while also dramatically reducing rainout. Dry Box technology isolates the humidfier’s water source from the inner workings of the device to protect against accidental spillage and water damage”.

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No matter the choice of CPAP machine, the use of a heated humidifier has been proven to provide a more comfortable CPAP experience, higher satisfaction, less complications and, ultimately, higher compliance. This translates into a more refreshed awakening and higher quality of daily life.