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29 Oct

Latvia meteorite IS a hoax as scientists say 50-foot crater is ‘too tidy’

Scientists investigating a large crater initially believed to have been caused by a meteorite said a closer analysis today revealed it was a hoax.

Experts in the Baltic country rushed to the site after reports that a metorite-like object had crashed late last night in the Mazsalaca region near the Estonian border.

This is not a real crater. It is artificial,  Uldis Nulle, a scientist at the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, said after inspecting the site today.

Earlier Uldis had said his first impression late last night was that the crater had been caused by a meteorite. He said there was smoke coming out of the hole when he arrived.

But on seeing the hole in daylight today, he and several other scientists changed they mind.

They said it was too tidy to have been caused by a meteorite.

It’s artificial, dug by shovel, said Girts Stinkulis, a geologist at the University of Latvia.

Dainis Ozols, a nature conservationist, said he believes someone dug the hole and tried to make it look like a meteorite crater by burning some pyrotechnic compound at the bottom. He added he would analyse some samples taken from the site.

Sigita Pildava, a spokeswoman for the State Police, said it wasn’t immediately clear whether police would open an investigation into the hoax.

Inga Vetere of the Fire and Rescue Service said they received a call about the alleged meteorite on Sunday evening from an eyewitness. She said a military unit was dispatched to the site and found that radiation levels were normal.

Experts outside Latvia said it would be unusual for such a large meteorite to hit the Earth. The planet is constantly bombarded with objects from outer space, but most burn up in the atmosphere and never reach the surface.

In 2007, a meteorite crashed near Lake Titicaca in Peru, causing a crater about 40 feet (12 meters) wide and 15 feet (five meters) deep.

Asta Pellinen-Wannberg, a meteorite expert at the Swedish Institute of Space Research, said she didn’t know the details of the Latvian incident, but that a rock would have to be at least three feet (one meter) in diameter to create a hole that size.

Henning Haack, a lecturer at Copenhagen University’s Geological Museum, said when it comes to alleged meteorite crashes, there always is a pretty large margin of error.

26 Oct

Want To Know How To REALLY Get Rid Of Acne?

Clearing acne is something that many individuals think is outright impossible – numerous individuals have attempted several products that didn’t do anything. It’s sad because dealing with acne is a massive pain! However, It’s Important to realize that it’s completely possible to eliminate zits once you understand how to effectively treat it.

Let’s look at the reasons that almost all acne treatments don’t give you results. Almost all of us have tried something that didn’t give us the results we wanted, and there’s a reason why! Understanding this is a big step in being able to successfully clear acne.

Most products are formulated to merely attack existing zits instead of taking prevention into account and actually attacking the causes of pimples – this is a large issue! They simply act to handle pimples one by one instead of treating acne at the root of the issue.

Here lies the problem! I don’t see the point in treating one pimple if you aren’t doing anything to prevent new ones! I’m annoyed that the acne treatment companies completely ignore this point, but I imagine it’s so that you never entirely eliminate your acne and are forced to continue to buy their products: canadian accutane and differin.

You need to utilize a treatment that targets all of the elements that can cause acne if you really want to clear your skin. There are four major causes: excess oil on the skin, bacteria that causes acne, skin irritation and clogged pores. Getting rid of pimples involves treating each of these causes.

And it’s entirely feasible. You won’t find much selection in the canadian pharmacy online, you can find acne treatment solutions that are formulated to treat each of the causes of pimples. The most effective acne solutions will target all of the factors that cause acne and function like a system to treat your skin.

Once you use a product that truly treats the factors that cause zits, you will notice improvements in just a week or so. Being able to wake up, glance in the mirror and see that you have completely clear skin is an amazing feeling.

Getting rid of pimples is not only achievable, but it’s actually incredibly simple when you locate the correct treatment system and start using it. The key is, you have to take action and do something about it! When you treat acne the right way, you will get the clear skin you’re looking for.

20 Oct

Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

Clever anti-smoking campaigns and creative advertising designed to get people to quit smoking.

Smoking Is Poison

12 meter long chemical tanker that looks like a cigarette was created by Cancer Research UK to highlight the toxic smoke in cigarettes.

Passive Smoking Kills

Every year nearly 3,400 people die in UK from lung cancer caused by passive smoking.

The Smoker’s Lung

The smoker’s glass lung was installed in front of public buildings in Germany to encourage people to quit smoking.

Tobacco Related Deaths

Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,377. Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000.

World No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on May 31.

Smoking Crime Scene

Second Hand Smoke

Roy Castle lung cancer foundation reminds us that second hand smoke hospitalises 17,000 UK children a year.

Anti-Smoking Stickers

Stickers for ads were places on cars and around smoking areas.

Smoking Causes Premature Aging

Smoker’s Morning

Toothbrush made from cigarettes and toothpaste make from ash.

Slow Death

Smoking causes slow and painful death. Quit now!

Effect of Smoking on Lungs

Not an ad, but still a thought provoking image by Sancho Hemelsoen.

Cigarette Lipstick

Think it makes you pretty? Clever advertisement from Moscow.

Anti-Smoking Billboard

Using 15,000 cigarettes butts, glued together one by one in an outdoor panel, the Peruvian League of fight against cancer demonstrated the damage that a person who smokes causes to his family.

Marlboro .44 Magnum

Fight Smoking Punching Bag

Exercise is a great way to control the urge to smoke. Go on knock that cigarette out.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The text is written with systematic arrangement of cigarettes.

15 Oct

Aircel Boat Ads

If billboards can be used to give out free samples of scarves, caps and gloves, why not a little sympvertising in the form of a branded dinghy? Which is just what Indian mobile provider Aircel recently did in Mumbai in the days leading up to this year’s monsoons.

Aircel’s billboard, erected by outdoor agency Primesite near Mumbai’s Milan Subway, bore a large, inflated dinghy along with the line, “In case of emergency, cut rope.” And on July 15, such an emergency did indeed arise when monsoon floods made the Milan Subway virtually impassable. The rope was cut on Aircel’s billboard, the boat was released, and stranded pedestrians were ferried to safety. The result? Near constant local media attention for Aircel, even including the headline, “Aircel did what [government agency] BMC did not.” Reportedly, Aircel now plans to implement something similar in Delhi and Kolkata as well, according to afaqs.

Beyond generating free publicity, of course—glowing as it was—Aircel’s effort is also a prime example of the corporate generosity that’s increasingly being expected by today’s consumers—referred to by our sister site as Generation G. Whether it’s helping wildfire victims find a bed for the night or generating support so financially strapped families can keep their homes, there are countless ways companies can show that they care. Help consumers, and you help yourself!

12 Oct

Celebs Who Changed A Lot Since High School

Snoop Dogg

Celebrities were just as normal as any one of us, it’s just a game of determination and fortune. Celebs, when kids never had that extra ordinary looks which we adore in them now.

Check out nine more celebs who looked completely different when they were kids !

Lil’ Jon

Ryan Seacrest

Kate Gosselin


Tara Reid

Renee Zellweger

Avril Lavigne

Mariah Carey

Lady GaGa

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