Everyone has a belly button, but just how did it get there and does it do anything for us now? First off you must know that a belly button, also called a naval or umbilicus is simply a scar. Yes that is what I said a scar. It is the place where the umbilical cord was attached to the body during your growth in the womb.

It is interesting to note that the umbilicus in all humans is in the exact same place. It is located on your belly between your third and fourth vertebrae. Depending on just how the cord was cut at birth will define whether you have an innie (a depression) or an outie (a protrusion). Most people will identify their buttons in these two categories however there are many different sizes, shapes, depths and looks to each one as it is a personal occurrence.

So if the navel has no use other than to identify us and to use as a fashion statement, what do we do when they seem to start misbehaving with odor or drainage? Of course the first answer is to see your doctor has he would be the one to diagnose the problem. Perhaps you are too embarrassed to go see your doctor? You should learn to get passed that but till then here is some help.

When we think of an umbilicus infection we think of people that have pierced their navels and though this is true in a lot of cases it is not the only infection you can get of your belly button. The navel almost always ends up being a dark and warm, moist and foldy kind of place, a great place for thing like fungus, yeast and bacteria to grow.

The condition of your belly button, dark, warm and moist is why bacteria get in and like it there, so they multiply and fast. The symptoms of this vary from bleeding, redness, itching, a strong odor, a discharge and pain. With fungus and yeast you may get a white discharge, with bacteria you can have yellowish discharge with scabbing.

Things you should do and not do with your belly button:

  • Do not explore, pick and scratch at it
  • Do not use harsh abrasive things on your belly button like strong antiseptics.
  • Do not rub creams and lotions inside of your belly button
  • Do shower and wash with a mild soap
  • Do use a salty water base to help dry it
  • Do dry the area, even to gently using a hair dryer

Remember that this one area of your body was at first your lifeline to your mother, take care of it and if it gives you problems see your doctor as the belly button can be a symptom or a sign of other problems and diseases. Do not ever think that a discharge or foul smell is ever normal just because you are heavy and think stuff like that happens in your dark moist places.

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